Corian® Solid Surface Colors

Explore the complete Corian® Solid Surface Palette.
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Sample the Colors of Corian® Solid Surface

To order samples for your commercial project, you can:

  1. Click in the box below the applicable color on this page OR
  2. Select "Add to cart" on the applicable color page

Click on the "checkout" link to:

  1. Review the requested samples
  2. Provide the size of the requested sample
  3. Submit the request and provide your contact information

Online sample requests can take 48 hours to process. If your request is of an immediate nature please contact your local Willis specialist or call our head office at 888-994-5547

**Please note: Willis' sales territory for Corian® consists of:
Canada USA
British Columbia
Western Washington
Western Oregon
Northern California
Southern California
Western Nevada
If you are outside of these areas and are looking for information on Corian® please click here to find the Distributor for your area.

This tool was created for Commercial Customers only; for Residential Customers please visit our dealer locator to find a location near you that showcases Corian® Solid Surface samples.

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