The Powermat® Platform

For business settings, cloud-based technology offers the enhancement of full online connectivity for backend management. This option allows venues to offer a useful amenity and harness insightful data through a connected network. A dashboard shows unit unitization and customer length of stay. Remote diagnostic services and customer engagement tactics offer real-time capabilities.

Multiple charging units within one seamless surface, enhanced with full online connectivity for backend management from our partner Powermat®. This option allows you to engage with your customers through their devices, send coupons, push notifications and harness insightful data through this network. Remote diagnostics and more are also available.

  • Targeted to larger businesses, primarily chain or franchise, who are interested in enhancing the customer experience with the ability to monitor usage trends and understand more about customer buying and visiting patterns.
  • Inductive charger.
  • Medium size (approx. 3.83" x 7.02").
  • Powermat® charging spots are currently available as a surface mount. Subsurface mount will be available in the near future.
  • Customers will be required to download the Powermat® App where the participating business will be listed.
  • Unit has mid-power capability: Can charge handhelds and small tablets at low power today, in the future it can charge bigger devices when more advanced receivers are available.
  • Can charge a PMA supported device or case or any device that can connect to a Powermat® wireless charging ring.
  • Cloud-based monitoring capability and full back-end management provided by Powermat®.
  • Installations provided by third part technical organization that will network the units and ensure smooth start-up.
  • All spots are connected to a cloud-based monitoring system and requires a subscription.
Vist the technical page for more information.

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