The Individual Unit

A single charging unit that, once installed, is a plug and play system that works instantly for those who are ready to power up. With the ability to install one or a series of units for multiple users, the Individual unit creates a seamless solution for many applications.

  • Corian® Solid Surface product warranty applies as always.
  • One year product-only replacement warranty on the charging unit.
  • Small size (approximately 3.23" x 3.60").
  • Corian® Solid Surface Fabricator uses precision tooling to prepare the back of the material for mounting.
  • Inductive charger.
  • Unit has mid-power capability: Can charge handhelds and small tablets at low power today; in the future it can charge bigger devices when more advanced receivers are available.
  • Dual mode - can charge both a Qi and PMA supported device or case.
  • Has a micro USB port for future technology upgrades.
Visit the technical page for more information.

How to Power up

How to Power Up