For Businesses

Enabling customers to charge devices in a place of business allows customers to stay longer, buy more and experience a more enjoyable and comfortable environment. Plus, it means they will come back more often with this added convenience.

Businesses can connect to the Powermat® wireless charging network, a powerful management and marketing platform. The Powermat® Platform allows businesses to have visibility into the utilization of the charging spots, remote diagnostics and can even enable customer interaction through push communications.. This option allows you to engage with your customers through their devices, send coupons, push notifications and harness insightful data through this network. Remote diagnostics and more are also available.

How it Works

Hidden from view is a transmitter that powers up smartphones, tablets and more, wirelessly. Energy is transferred safely from below the Corian® Solid Surface to a smart device - charging stops when your battery is full. Download the sell sheet for more information.
How it Works

Branded Power Rings

Corian® Design offers Powermat® wireless charging rings which act as an adapter. The rings come in several different variations depending on the type of device you have: Apple 30-pin, Apple Lightning and Micro USB.

These rings can also be branded with your company / brand logo at an additional cost. Contact your Willis Sales Specialist for more information.

How to Power Up