What is Wireless Charging?

Wireless power transfers energy from a transmitter beneath the charging spot(s) to a receiving device (or receiver attached to a device). Magnetic induction safely and effectively transfers power from the charger to a smart device.

The power transfer conveniently occurs without using conductors (i.e. "no wires"). Plus, the surface is smart - charging stops when your device has reached maximum battery capacity. It's the ideal solution for kitchens, hospitality areas - anywhere!

Corian® Quartz Charging Surface is available in
Individual and Powermat® units.

Here's How To Wirelessly Charge Smart Devices:

  • Select a Corian® Quartz or Corian® Solid Surface color from the 100+ hues and patterns available.
  • A Corian® Quartz fabricator will install the device(s) along with the Corian® Quartz installation.
  • When the project is finished, you are ready to charge!
  • Connect a wireless charging ring or an enabled charging case to a smart device. Simply place the device on the charging spot and power up begins automatically. Charging stops when the battery is full.
  • It's that simple!
Download the sell sheet for more information.