Experience the Corian® Design Moodboard Maker.

When you design a space, you're not just putting together a room. You're combining materials, textures and furnishings to tell a story about who you are and what matters to you.

That's why Corian® Design created the Corian® Moodboard Maker - a simple, inspiration and shareable tool to help you design your space.

To use the Moodboard Maker, start by choosing one of 7 shapes and styles: Minimal, Relaxed, Modern, Refined, Organic, Bohemian or Edgy. Eash style has some pre-populated Corian® Design materials and inspiration images to get you started, but you can add your own, too!

The site itself is very user-friendly! Right away, when you load the site, it takes you through each step of what to do, and each step gives you a quick and simple tutorial on how to load the photos into the shapes. You can create your own moodboard within 5 minutes!

Moodboard Maker