Testing and measurements are according to European Standard. Minimum requirements, product performances, quality control methods and classification of HPL are defined by European Standard EN 438. According to these requirements, each ARPA product is subjected to rigorous testing and measurements.

ARPA has obtained different high level certifications for its products, among which:

  • The CE marking and the KOMO and CSTBat marks for construction products
  • The US certification according to ASTM E 84 for the building field
  • The MED certification for the laminate applied in the shipyards field
  • The US Greenguard certification for VOC and formaldehyde emissions
  • The formaldehyde emission evaluation according to EN 717-1 and EN 717-2
  • The NSF sanitation certification according to ANSI 35 and 51
  • The contact with food certification according to EN 1186 and EN 13330
  • The microorganism action evaluation according to ISO EN 846


To know the specific values of each laminate typology, click here to download material properties data sheets.